Theory Worksheets

If these don’t make sense, we’ll fill them in at your lesson!

Hand Postures

Beginning Note Chart

Note Values

First Composition

Instructions for First Comp.

Advanced Violin Note Chart

Advanced Cello & Viola Note Chart

Bow Rock

How to Develop Killer Vibrato


Fiddle Tunes (Alto Clef)

Fiddle tunes written in Alto clef, can be played on viola or any instrument that uses alto clef!

Camptown Races Viola

Liza Jane Viola

Oh Suzanna Viola

Angeline the Baker Viola

Fiddle Creek Viola

Eighth of January Viola

Kesh Jig Viola

Mississippi Sawyer Viola

Blackberry Blossom Viola

Drowsey Maggie Viola

Fiddle Tunes (Treble Clef)

Can be played on fiddle/violin or any instrument that uses treble clef!

Boil the Cabbage

You Are My Sunshine

Ode to Joy

Liza Jane

Camptown Races

Fiddle Creek

Angeline the Baker

Oh Suzanna

Old Joe Clark

Cluck Old Hen

Mari’s Wedding

Tennessee Waltz

Eighth of January

Girl I Left

Red Wing

Little Dog Waltz

Rosin the Beau

Kesh Jig

Mississippi Sawyer

Swallowtail Jig

Planxty Irwin

Road to Lisdoon Varna

Drowsey Maggie

Home With the Girls

Blackberry Blossom