Links to recommended instruments, books etc.

Fiddle/Violin Supplies List:

You don’t need to buy everything on this list! This is a master list. Just get what we’ve discussed or whatever interests you.

Note: Most links are for because I’m too lazy to link to multiple sites. Most of these items can also be found on, or if you have a week or two to wait, at Southwest Strings, which is an awesome small company with free shipping. Young Musicians, Johnson Strings and Ifshin Violins are other companies I’ve had good experiences with.

Starter violin (rental is fine)            Please doublecheck correct size!!!

Bon Musica shoulder rest
Carbon fiber (less fragile) bow
Evah Pirazzi steel E string, medium gauge, ball end
Helicore G, D or A strings (medium gauge)

3 ring binder
Sheet protectors
A tuner app or tuner (preferred app: Cleartune) Android Apple
A metronome app or metronome (preferred app: ProMetronome) Android Apple
iRealbook app Android Apple

My First Violin Fun Book (blue) by Larry Newman
The Violin Fun Book (brown) by Larry Newman
The Intermediate Fundamental Violin Book (yellow) by Larry Newman
I Can Read Music by Joanne Martin
Kidfiddle by Jerry Silverman

The Portland Collection
The Fiddler’s Facebook

Suzuki Violin Method, Volumes: 1 2 3 4 5 6 9 10
Accolay Concerto

For online students:
”First Fret” fingerboard decal for beginners            Please doublecheck size!!

”Don’t Fret” fingerboard decal, advanced

(Note: If you haven’t played music in multiple keys before, the advanced version can be very confusing, I recommend the beginner decal for now.)
1 regular graphite pencil
1 colored pencil (orange, purple or green.)
Fun stickers (depending on age.)


Note re instruments: PLEASE DO NOT buy a cheap violin from Craigslist, Amazon or your uncle’s work buddies’ friend unless you are a professional instrument setup technician or are prepared to pay $$$ to have it properly set up. The instruments are usually fine but a bad setup can make them either unplayable or very difficult to use.


Note re shoulder rests: I have the Bon Musica listed because I usually end up recommending it. It’s pretty expensive, around $50, and it works better than any other shoulder rest I’ve found, but if cost is an issue it’s fine to start with an Everest, which can be less than $20. Just know you may end up getting a Bon Musica eventually.